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Why is it important to upgrade our outdoor environment?


We want to make sure that the outdoor learning environment offers the children in our care the places and spaces to explore, discover, experiment, be active, and be healthy.  An area that allows children to take managed risks;  to develop and push themselves physically; to see, investigate and connect with nature. An area that will let their imaginations and creativity blossom. An enabling environment that will support every child’s physical and mental well-being.

The current outdoor environment is tired and well-loved. It needs significant investment to redesign and upgrade the current facilities on offer.  The plan includes:

  • Redesigning garden to create clear zones to cater for different play requirements including a new area to run forest school activities

  • Creating a new sandpit that allows children to climb in and explore the weight and texture of sand

  • Laying an area of AstroTurf, to offer an all year round area

  • Strengthening and upgrading the current large garden slide and playhouse

  • Creating an easily accessible range of planters so children can grow their own fruit and vegetables.

Help us created an enabling outdoor environment that will continue to support our children's physical and mental well-being by donating today.

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