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Celebration Day at Nursery

The nursery celebrated its 25th birthday on Friday 29th April with all the children throughout the day. We had balloons, ice lollies, and party hats to mark the beginning of our year of celebrations.

25 Hour Cycle

Vicky, Nicola and Lucy have agreed to take part in a 25-hour continuous cycle in the nursery.


If you are interested in participating in this sponsorship event, please contact Alternatively, you can support the team by donating to the fundraising appeal today.

Little St Robin's Readathon

We will be holding a sponsored readathon in May to celebrate Children’s Book Week at the start of May. Take part just pick up a pack, make a donation or get sponsorship. The choice is yours! You will receive a list of 25 books that we recommend and a sponsorship form. Once you have completed the reading challenge, your child will receive a certificate from St Richard's Robin.

Family Celebration Day

The nursery's official birthday celebration will be held on Sunday 3rd July with the whole Parish community . 
We hope to see as many families and staff, past and present on the day. 

Fundraise for us

Get involved and organise your own fundraising event. From hosting a BBQ, organising your own bake-off at work, or signing up to take part in the Great South Run. Just let us know what you want to do and we will support you.

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